About Me

My name is Liam Morgan, I’m a welsh graphic designer, blogger and Let’s Player who goes by the screen name Larten Apple. I’m a student at Parc Menai, doing a Foundation Degree in Art & Design. My skills range from graphical work using adobe illustrator and photoshop to editing in Premier, textiles and drawing and I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty in a workshop every once in a while either.


My artist’s statement:


“Art, in any form, is a chaotic medium to mess with – I know I’m paraphrasing Francis Bacon when I say that but its true – its experimental, messy and lawless and most importantly it is fun, so don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. I specialize in graphic design but I enjoy dabbling with any other medium I can get my pasty white hands on including textiles and the applied arts but my passion lies with typography – I’ve always enjoyed reading and writing from a young age and being able to mix the streamlined look of text with the inconsistency of the arts is nothing short of fascinating. The two biggest sources of inspiration during my artsy maturation were Francis Bacon and David Carson, the former who said the “art from chaos” thing and the latter whose work inspired me to break the rules of typography, Jan Tshichold has had an effect on me too with his streamlined, constructivist-ish work.

To me, the most important aspect of my work process is the ability to not over-think – I set a destination and then take it one step of the time to reach it while trying my best to enjoy each one; the art and design world is a competitive one, and its easy to lose track of yourself in it – that’s why you need to learn to enjoy yourself while you practice it and not get caught up in self-doubt – I’d enjoy working in marketing and teaching – maybe movies – just to be able to impose my carefree style on the world with an iron fist full of crayons.”



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