Urban Sweats and Letters to Spiderman

So a few weeks ago – I know, how naughty of me to consistently keep up my trend of retroactive writing? – I had a short brief with my CTS class (which stands for Contextual – or Critical? – Theoretical Studies or something).

We all got put in pairs where we had to interview our partner and get to know them – I’m new to the university so any person I meet is a new person and every social situation I’m thrown in triggers the offset of cold sweats, nightmares and memories of Vietnam; believe me, the irony of a mildly social-anxious guy succumbing to the sickness of urban loneliness isn’t lost on me.

Tangent aside, we were asked to write a letter after the impromptu grilling of our unfortunate targets – it could be a letter to anyone and it was stressed that it would be posted afterwards, but it had to be a letter about the person we just met.

Okay, seems legit. But…

I’m not a big letter writer, so I won’t tell you about the contents of my letter. I sent it to myself and it’s gone into one of my folders – unopened – until I completely forget about it. The plan is that one day I’ll stumble on it and go ‘what the fuck?’ While I’m not a huge fan of writing letters or any of that personal stuff I do enjoy writing in general – I’m a slave to the instant-gratification of texts, Facebook Messenger (even if I don’t actively post statuses on social network) and all of that new-age communication crap, admittedly, but I do enjoy writing blog-posts when I get around to it. I mean, shit, I consider typography one of my favourite mediums and yet, here I am, someone who hates writing letters (although it should be mentioned that most of my sketchbook these days isn’t as much drawing as it is the rough scrawling of notes).

This exercise in the end was something that I did enjoy. Maybe not so much the awkwardness of trying to decide who to write to (I chose Spiderman in the end, purely because I couldn’t decide on any family/friends) but more-so being made to do something which I’d never do of my own volition. I mean, it’s the internet age – and I play MMOs, so if I want to talk to my friends in Germany or Norway all I have to do is open up Skype and type in “h fam.” Why would I ever write a letter?!

Excuse me while I re-direct you to the BBC website to watch the same video we were shown –  I need to re-think my priorities.

Peace out.

A Friendship Written in 50,000 WordsA Friendship Written in 50,000 Words



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