Enterprise Workshop

So last Monday (14/03/1016) I spent a day in the contextual studies class with the rest of my course for what was arguably a really enlightening day as far as future job prospects go. I’ve considered self-employment before but its never something that’s been an entirely comforting prospect, and that’s mostly because of the managerial nature of it. Handling my money, getting started, contracts and the like. But, then, I guess it was Mark Twain who said the secret to getting ahead was getting started. I literally based one of my pieces of work on that quote.

“The Secret,” by Liam Morgan

The presentations were quite enjoyable – I quite liked Huw Davies’ one mostly because his attitude mimics my own in a few ways. I’m driven by a very sublte, laid-back determination to live and do what I want and the idea of being paid for doing whatever the fuck I like is a really good motivator. Plus it’s encouraged me to maybe start taking photos and try profiting off of that, so… time to liberate a camera from my parents.

Chris Walker’s presentation was insightful as a means of knowing where to start as far as starting up my own career as a self-employed sole-trader goes. The day gave me a lot to think about, consider and try.

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