FdA Second Year: London Trip

I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve slacked as far as writing/updating the blog goes. I haven’t done it in a few weeks and that’s on me – sure, I’d argue that I have my reasons but at the end of the day the only thing that matters is that I just haven’t done it.

A few weeks back I went on a trip with college to London – last year we went to Berlin and that involved a few things, ranging from green jelly-coloured apple-flavoured beer to arguing the physical capabilities of Phil Mitchell and Pat Butcher in a 1-v-1 gladiator match – for the record, I still think Pat Butcher would slaughter him. London wasn’t that different, except it was a raspberry flavoured beer and I was too busy sweating in the underground to even begin to think about Pat Butcher deathmatches.

But I digress. London was great. Went to a few exhibitions, including the Tate Modern (if you can call anything from pre-21st century modern, anyway) and the Big Bang Data exhibition in the Somerset House. Now, I’d probably be ducked marks if I be overly negative about anything – there’s a system in place for academically marked artists where if you can’t see the good points about something then the system loses its shit and refuses to give you those sweet As on your grade sheet, so focus on the positives and the things you did like. Like the pretty posters or the Joseph Beuys exhibition, for example.

Beuys’ work is something I can appreciate on a spiritual level, mostly because I had no idea about him ’til Tate Modern and I must’ve spent a few hours a couple of weeks back writing an article for a Contextual module about how art is a subjective field based on people’s opinions and tastes. Beuys had the “part of being human is being creative, therefore anything can be” view which I find refreshing.

-L.A. (Liam Morgan)

Parc Menai Foundation Degree Art and Design – Liam Morgan @ TwitterLiam Morgan @ Instagram – Tate Modern


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