FdA Second Year, Week 12 (7/12/2015) – Extremadamente Inflamable

We’ve got two new briefs – The Small Print and Wishlist.

“A project designed to explore the smallest print (that which we are not intended to read, understand, see or comprehend) and making it wholly visible.”

I haven’t made much headway into either of these projects yet, between getting the blog up to date and trying to put hardcovers on the books from the last brief for display. Right now I’m still toying with the new stuff – like, I don’t even have anything smart to say.

Extremadamente Inflamable

The first piece I’ve done was de-constructing a warning label, but even now I don’t feel like its “small printey” enough. Hazard warnings probably have some unexplored potential, but in a world where every original idea has probably already been done by someone I’ve got to think about a little and perhaps find a way to make this brief my own. Luckily I’ve got ’til January to do it.

On the plus side? The Helvetica film is on the reading list. I’ve been joking about it for the last few weeks because it’s one of those things that’re almost always relevant to my field of design. Might have to re-watch it and try to find a copy of The Establishment by Owen Jones.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays.

Parc Menai Foundation Degree Art and Design – Liam Morgan @ TwitterLiam Morgan @ Instagram – Helvetica | Gary Hustwit – Penguin Books – The Establishment by Owen Jones | Penguin Books UK


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