FdA Second Year, Week 9 (16/11/2015) – Wallpapah?!


This brief was a fairly simple, straight forward and heavily time-restricted one. The week before the FdA course visited the Ruthin craft centre – click here for pics – where they were displaying wallpapers and a mixture of other applied arts-type pieces (W is for Wallpaper, Julie Blyfield and Susan O’Byrne: five sisters and a family tree exhibitions for those interested).

Our brief? Produce or design a wallpaper in response to the exhibition. Alright. Sure, no problem. Doing it in a week or so? Maybe a bit problematic but, you know, whatever. It’s not like I haven’t done this sorta shit before. (Mind you, the last time I had a brief this short to respond to something was after the Berlin trip. A weekend to respond to three days of stimuli isn’t the type of thing I’m capable of. Easily. Got there in the end, though.) The two pieces at the top of this page were what I submitted, and there’s even a nice lino-print to go with it. I drew inspiration from Susan O’Byrne’s porcelain animal displays and Elay Kishimoto’s piece, both of which are displayed below.

I did some work on Bridget Riley a few years back – in my GCSEs, actually – and I remember enjoying the art of optical illusion. Something I’ve been doing recently is toying with geometric shapes (using isometric grids and shit), so this felt like the most natural progression for the response. Kishimoto’s work was based (or should I say “influenced?”) from Riley’s work too.

Contextually, I wanted to design an interesting feature as opposed to something that’d span an entire room – something aesthetically interesting and bold. It worked, I reckon.

-L.A. (Liam Morgan)

Parc Menai Foundation Degree Art and Design – Ruthin Craft Centre


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