FdA Second Year, Week 5 (19/10/2015) – Read, Think, Make

“Isometric Binary Font Design” by Liam Morgan.

Three words. Three fucking words. Three fucking words that gave me one hell of a headache while I scampered about for ideas about what to base my work off of. Luckily I was still in that world of typography-induced psychosis where everything I look at has to have some form of text incorporated into it and, naturally, where do you go from designing a 2D typeface based on a language used by computers?

Well, obviously you grab an isometric grid and try to turn those little fuckers into 3D forms. So hand-drawn using pen, here’s a bunch of isometric sketches based off of Neo_Binary.

Go Wildcats.

-L.A. (Liam Morgan)

Parc Menai Foundation Degree Art and Design – Liam Morgan @ TwitterLiam Morgan @ Instagram – Jewish Museum Berlin “bios [torah]” Installation


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