FdA Second Year, Week 2 (28/09/2015) – Rehash

The introduction brief this year was pretty brief, so the pain-in-the-ass as far as writing these blogs retrospectively a few weeks after the work is done is just that I don’t have the written brief on me anywhere. I used to have a sorting system for this sort’ve thing last year but I’ve devolved to the point where getting shit done is more important than being anally retentive about all of my resources, and I’ve been so busy trying to produce work that I haven’t really had time to talk about said work. I think my mindset is that talking about the work is more therapeutic than it is work and it certainly helps for me to babble on about things for a few paragraphs and vent out all of my young, twenty-something (or maybe just twenty) year old, nihilistic and frankly caffeine-angst. I usually write these things with the hope that it’d come across like a mildly laid-back Hannibal Lecter – he’s a wordy bastard and I assume that he was by a few-hundred thesauruses when he when he was a newborn psychopath. He certainly didn’t eat them, anyway – not enough human meat on them.

The first official brief this year was to produce an artist book in response to a trip to the Mostyn gallery in Llandudno. 6×6 inches maximum, at least ten pages if my memory serves me right. Now… we did something similar last year, except last year we weren’t restricted to making a book. I’m not complaining of course; fact is, the whole concept is pretty subjective to the individual, and you can pretty much line up ten urinals and call them pages of a book – of course, to meet the standards of this brief they’d have to at least be 6″ in every direction, making them hard to come by. I mean, you could always teach your pet rat to use it but… well, that’s something for another day.

I’ve posted a gallery from the Mostyn (and House of Helfa) visit on the blog so I’ll put a link underneath this rambly bullcrap. The two pictures at the top of this post are from this response – basically I bought a handful of ancient, yellow postcards while in Llandudno and re-hashed them into a book, then printed wordy stuff on them. The idea behind it for me was giving new life to these old pieces of crap that were being hocked for 50p each – the shop owner was nice; she had a pretty damn cute dog.

Keeping up with the theme of re-using stuff (or, at least, using stuff I already had) I used stuff I already had at hand to make this – two small pieces of strawboard and some leathery wallpaper I use to bind books – instead of going out to get more. I’d initially planned on transferring the postcard contents onto acetate using acetone but that didn’t work as well as I hoped – it didn’t come out too clear, and looked dirty as all hell.

The book is 14.5cm x 8.5 cm, bound together by a single piece of jute string to try and preserve the retro-post aesthetic.

That’s it kids – don’t drink and drive.

-L.A. (Liam Morgan)

Mostyn Website –  Parc Menai Foundation Degree Art and Design – Liam Morgan @ TwitterLiam Morgan @ Instagram


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