Foundation Degree Week X – Baby Analogies


My math skills aren’t up to scratch today – well, I say math, I mean counting – so trying to figure out which week of the course I’m on is a bit out of my range of abilities. What you’re seeing above here is each individual page of the book I’ve been working on. There’s fourteen in total, each with an even number as a page number – it was a weird administrative decision I stuck with a while back, god only knows why.

The final product is a bit scruffy on the outside, a few scuffs(?) here-and-there on the inside too, but its one of these things where even with some of the messiness I’m happy how it turned out. I’ll work into it someday and either tidy up or hide the not-as-aesthetically-pleasing aspects, either with dye, ink or just making the mess consistent. Add character to it and all that. In the end I’m just happy I finished it – there was a few issues with the binding seeing as I had a misunderstanding as to the deadline; I had to resort to jury-rigging the thing together with duct tape and enough PVA glue to stick a newborn baby to a ceiling… and that’s basically what my book is – an analogy for a newborn baby.

A sick, twisted analogy… But then I always did want to be a mother.

Anyway, this is the culmination of the Berlin work and… well, everything should be in the Studio Practices tag. Check it out, guys.

-L.A. (Liam Morgan)

Parc Menai Foundation Degree Art and DesignJewish museum BerlinHamburger BahnofGenerator Hostel Berlin


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