Foundation Degree Week 31, Probably – I’ve been told off for saying “fuck”

I won’t lie; at this point I’m just guessing how many weeks I’ve been on this course for. I include holidays of course – just because I’m not in college it doesn’t stop me from being a student, if a mildly passive-apathetic one at that. Mind you there has been some positive occurences as of late, the most indulgent being a good grade. It really puts my beliefs at risk – I don’t tend to pay any attention to that Rule of Attraction stuff; you know, that whole “feel good, nice and happy and then good, nice and happy things happen” thing. Its a pain-staking process for me to feel good, nice and happy – one which very rarely happens and only really happens when I’m not expecting it before quickly disappearing. Motivation is a bitch pain too, mind you. In all honesty, I don’t deal well with negativity, be it my own or someone elses. I don’t like being dragged into other people’s drama and I don’t particularly care for overburdening myself with stress. My college stance for this year hasn’t been to take it easy or avoid work its just been to enjoy doing the shit poop I do -and, you know, it’s worked out well for me if possitive feedback is anything to go off of. I haven’t been focusing on what people want in the work as much as what I feel like doing with it which, in the end, is probably the entire point of working in the art industry. There’s probably something written somewhere about “don’t turn something you love into a job” but I’m honestly all-too-passive to go looking for that quote or to give any more than a small margin of a single fuck poop. Still, enjoy what you do and people will enjoy it too. Either that or develop a passive, apathetic, demotivated and generally sarcastic personality. Both ways have worked for me so far.

I’m going to change the topic here and move on to what I’m working on in college. I haven’t taken any pictures this week just because there’s a painful lack of storage on my phone to do so, but next week (or the week after, where I’ll retrospectively write a personal evaluation of my work) I’ll be posting a shitton lot of ’em. Right now I’m going through a painstaking process of windowmounting a bunch of small, printed pieces of fabric before I turn them into a book. Before that I was painstakingly measuring a crapload truckload of papers and painstakingly cutting them. Life is fun. -L.A.


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