Foundation Degree Week 27 – Textiles ‘n Shit

I don’t dip my hand into textiles that often. I’d argue that it’s because I’m just not that interested it instead of actually not liking the medium – I do like it, I just can’t be fucked with it. Still, all that said I’ve pushed myself to try out textiles again these last few weeks for the Studio Practices module – there’s been workshops going and I’m not entirely going to waste them considering the amount of money this course is eating up – I can only assume there’s some voodoo priest somewhere that’s going to curse my descendants with poverty, receeding hairlines and the all-destroying addiction to funk.

Anyway, time to fill up this post with pictures.

So these pictures, in order, are part of the first studio practices workshop where we were made to do a memory drawing in darkness in the life room – a little bit of extra information is that we were given the option to work on the floor or on an easel and being the awkward shit I am I was the only one using the easel.. Well, three of them. We then made small squares in paper (picture viewers or something? If I remember the name I’ll edit the post) and put them on three visually interesting parts. The first one I have no idea what it was but it looked good. Second was a fragment of the Piña Colada song and the last was the word straße which is basically on every single sign in Berlin. After that we did felting and used brusho(?) on calico, before stitching into them like the little unpaid labourers we truly are. It was basically my first time using a sewing machine so I had a play around more than doing anything particularly integral to the brief (“Journey”).

“FuN you,” by Liam Morgan

I had initially wrote “fuck you” on a piece of calico as something to stitch into but – for the first time this year – I was told to try not to swear because the tutor didn’t like it. I’m a nice guy so what have I done? Stitched the “ck” into an “n” and wrote substitute swears around the sides – “fudge” and “drat” being the first that came to mind. I need to back it eventually but I’ve got more pieces that need backing right now so… fuck it, I’ll leave it til I can do them all at the same time.

Since then I’ve been experimenting even more with acetone, trying to make a goddamn clear print. The stuff is so fragile it’s near-impossible – either way, I managed a decent one in the end and made another one of those flippy-folded books.

The print is a photo I took in Berlin, and the covers are a photcopied street-map that one of our tutors had wrote on during the trip binded onto strawboard. future plans are to somehow encase a book cover in acrylic plastic. I’m not going to post a picture of the piece until I’m satisfied that I don’t want to do anything else to it.

Right now I’m doing some image transfers using some weird paste, so eventually I’ll post a picture of all of them when they’re finished. I might schedule it to be out for next week just so I’ll have content for the Easter break – I don’t tend to update the blog during the holidays just because I don’t want to. My main focus is documenting what I do in college. Anything I post will be short most likely.

Still, enjoy your easters you magnificent bastards. I’ll be ove rhere listening to funk and eating myself into a chocolate coma.


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