Foundation Degree Week 26 – No Voice, Mo’ Problems

So the deadline for the D&AD Brief is finally here – or, really, the entirety of my Creative Futures module altogether. I’d argue that’s a good thing except for the fact that I’ve had to rush around this morning with a fucking headcold trying to get everything in one place, contend with a faulty printer and resort to uploading shit onto YouTube again. Still, that means I can put stuff on here for you assholes to see. This’ll go towards a reflective evaluationey thing too – or I’ll make it go towards one. This means I’ll have to do the “this is my thing, I feel this feeling about my thing, how would I improve my thing” for this post.


Let’s just get this over with.

Weeks and weeks ago I made a typographic piece – a “W” – comprised of the opening monologue/narration from the 2005 adaption of War of the Worlds. Badass piece, really, I quite liked it. After importing it from photoshop into Premier I had time to make this little gem.

Personally? I like it, but I decided that it needs something extra for me to be able to consider it ‘finished,’ which came in the form of red text. It was a purely aesthetic change but the whole Photoshop/Premier friendship makes life a lot easier when it comes to altering things.

The next version was made on a whim. I wanted to put it into Windows Movie Maker to see if I could put any different effects on it – I wanted some form of film-reel, cinematic effect but there wasn’t one. In the end colour shift came to my attention and the effect on the video was quite interesting.

On the whole I liked this project. The video itself was pretty experimental – I’ve never done anything like this before so it was mostly the result of playing around. Once I figured out a system the video smoothened up a bit, which was roughly after the first sentence. I absolutely fucking loathe using keyframes at times – I found myself sending the text spiraling too far off screen because I’d accidentally missplaced, moved or deleted one. I am become error.

Still, it was a fun project. The posters were all straightfoward and I did those just to be visually interesting, and designing my own font has been the highlight of the entire brief. I’ll be gradually changing some of my YouTube channel’s stuff (or TeamWorks’, anyway) to incorporate it.

-L.A. (Liam Morgan)

Parc Menai Foundation Degree Art and DesignD&AD Monotype Brief


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