Foundation Degree Week 25 – Short, Disillusioned Post

This is one of those weeks where I’m both emotionally and physically spread so thin that I’m finding it hard to function, yet alone come up with witty one-liners worthy of my blog. Instead I’ll just use short sentences and keep in theme with the stop-motion video I did on Monday.

Had a workshop in stop-motion animation.

Learned how to use iMovie on a Mac.

Prefer it over Windows Movie Maker by far, Premier still better.

Took photos.

Put into iMovie.

Added filter.

Put at 1.5fps.


Finished stop-motion animation.

Was fun, although still not big fan of stop-motion animation. Making anyway.

Video in post below images.


Music was the copyright free music by Kevin MacLeod from – the same artist whose music YouTube channels such as the Yogscast use.


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