Foundation Degree Week 24… I Think – The Berlin Trip and the Ultimate Showdown of Pat Butcher vs. Phil Mitchell

I guess its time to put my trip to Berlin into words. The writing of the blog is something I always put off until I’ve had a few days for any exposition I can remember to slowly fade out of memory – and not because I don’t like writing it, mind, but just because writing it involves a lengthy process of blending a thesaurus with a Dr Seuss book just so I can keep my wordsmithing up to scratch. So… Berlin.


I’ll refrain from talking about my personal experiences in the city, just because most of it involves getting ploughed with green, apple-flavoured beer and being that very same colour the next morning. I wasn’t expecting to have as much fun on the trip as I did, and that fun includes the museum/gallery visits as well as playing ping-pong in the hostel.

I’ve only explored a small part of the city. On the first night I think the group of banterous boobs I was in travelled around two or three miles on foot to find the restaurant we wanted to eat in. One of the things I noted in my drunken stupor was the shitton of art on the buildings – the place is cultured as shit, and even the graffiti is pretty badass… you know, at least when it doesn’t have the word “pussy” sprawled on the wall in block capitals.

As far as galleries go, I didn’t take man pictures. I tend to only record the things that’re relevant to what I do personally or at least draw my eye. Fine art doesn’t do it for me. Still, I saw the Anselm Kiefer exhibition and took a few photos. I’ve had a soft spot for him recently, born mostly out of the guilt that I absolutely slammed his work when I was a younger, less-cultured youth… So three years ago or so.

Don’t think I’ll be going into critique about these pieces – although I’m an opinionated little hipster I’m not certain that qualifies me to even attempt it I mean, shit, I only just found out today that I can describe art as “yummy,” yet “nice” is still taboo. Christ.

While we were in Berlin I also visited the Museum das Judi.. Judiche… Musie derp Jardoshi… Jewish Museum, but I only had an hour to look around which really isn’t enough in a place of that caliber. If anyone plans to visit Berlin I highly recommend you go take a look. Some of the displays may depress the fuck out of you but its something you deal with when you get there – there’s a few editing photos in my pile, and there’s a link to the full gallery on the home page of my blog.

My current brief revolves lightly around the Berlin trip, the theme being “Journey.” I think some emotional crap is involved eventually so I’ll have to punch myself a few times until I feel something. Fuckin’ yay!

After a week of being home I’ve managed to produce a small piece of work in response to my visit to the Jewish museum, that being a book. The process was fairly simple – made a few graphical typography pieces in photoshop, used the picture of the metal faces (which were placed in an empty room – there was a few thousand I think, made to represent all those that lost their lives during the Holocaust) to colour the type similar to a stencil, printed off and then transferred onto mounting card using acetone. From there I cut the paper into similar sizes, folded them into quarters, glued them together (using mount spray… err…), pressed the pages together and then sanded them down to even out the edges on the width of the pages. The cover is a pillowcase erratically glued and gaffertaped to pieces of strawboard. Its a bit filthy but I’ll clean it up eventually. I did maybe five minutes of research as to what I wanted the text to (hopefully) read, eventually settling on a Jewish prayer.

As long as we live, they too will live; for they are now are a part of us; as we remember them.


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