Foundation Degree Week 20 – Leather Makes Everything Better


Apparently on the third day the God said “alloweth thyne snow to clear so that thou may driveth on the roads without fear of black ice.” The weather here has been fucking freezing and the last three mornings have comprised of getting up and getting rid of all ice and snow from the car.

At least now I’m back in college and busy. Yesterday I was doing a bunch of graphical work and today making a book from said work of graphics. It’s the Red Roman shit again so I won’t go into the whole labour of explaining context today so instead have some goddamn pics.

For the most part I’m done with the numbers and letters. May change a few things (in particular shorten the ‘f’ and ‘t’). It’s a weeks worth of work coming to an end, and its been quite fun even if I’ve strayed away from the D&AD brief quite a bit. Guess I’ll be steering myself back to it next week.

Anyway, I’ll post up a link to a gallery with all the individual letters below.

-L.A. (Liam Morgan)

Parc Menai Foundation Degree Art and Design – D&AD Monotype BriefRed Roman Gallery


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