Foundation Degree Week 19 – Red(rum) Roman

Letter anatomy, provided by a quick Google search. Credits to the original designer.
Letter anatomy, provided by a quick Google search. Credits to the original designer.

It fucking annoys me when I post something on here saying “I got nothing” and then the next day feel obligated to post something on the contrary. I mean what’s the point of running a blog if I can’t even maintain the integrity of inconsistency? This thing is a fucking circus.

All that said it does amuse me just how inconsistent I can be on this thing. Somedays I’ll give you a look at something I haven’t shown my colleagues and tutours yet, other days I’ll just post “meh,” give you a contextually constructive link and tell you guys to piss off onto one of the more emotionally-stable blogs – I’m basically the disinterested father of blogs.

Moving on, I’m building up on all of this typography shit I’ve been doing recently. Not sure where the appeal to it is but I do enjoy it – I guess growing up reading books late at night stunts both your eyesight and your ability to be interested in the things normal boys should be into – like choo-choo trains and red firetrucks. I think turning turning twenty has turned me into even more of a cynic that I used to be.

Anyway, moving on (for real, this time), I think I mentioned I’ve been messing with the idea of making my own font/type-face in response to the D&AD Monotype brief, and its bore some fruit. I’ll give you the lesse of the two things I’ve done so far – my handwriting. I’m going to apologise for the quality of these ones just because they’re photographs taken on my phone.

"My Handwriting," by Liam Morgan.
“My Handwriting,” by Liam Morgan.

I guess I’m obligated here to apologise for the piss-poor quality of those cropped photographs. Sorry. Not sure I’ve ever posted pictures that have been directly taken from my sketchbook so I’m feeling a weird sense of obscure shame – like losing your virginity, except that it involves sketchbooks and blogs. The pictures were put into photoshop, contrasted, had the white completely obliterated and then went over all the writing with a black brush tool to enhance it. This was more experimental than anything else – more than anything I wanted to see if I could. And I can, although the practicality of this font is near nil as far as distributing it goes due to the inherent lack-of efficiency provided by a personalised typeface.

The second typeface hasn’t been put into Adobe yet to finalise it, but the designs are still here.


These two I actually took time to consider. At first I wanted to create a nice Sans-Serif typeface but I threw that idea right out the fucking window after looking through a few pre-existing fonts – Times New Roman and Red Right Hand (you know, the font from the Hellboy posters?) in particular, and so Red Roman is born. Don’t be hatin’ on the name – it’s still a work in progress. I swear to Leeroy (Jenkins) that I probably spend more time trying to think about names than I do on the actual conceptual work. While I might add a few serifs on a few of the letters (like I did with the ‘i’), I think I’m satisfied with the lower case – I had more trouble on the ‘k,’ ‘w’ and ‘t’ than I care to admit, even if the ‘t’ was just an upside-down ‘f’.

The things I carried through were the heavy stems of the Red Hand font and then the thick bowls of the Times New Roman, but overall I wanted something which looked different but still attractive in its own right. I’ll keep you people updated.

Quite depressed that this single blog took me maybe twenty minutes to write and the word count is way over half of the minimum for an essay I had to wrote about Jan Tschichold which took me the better part of a day (and then another day when I had to inevitably re-write it. Seriously, college computers annoy me sometimes.)

Keep it real.

-L.A. (Liam Morgan)

Parc Menai Foundation Degree Art and DesignD&AD Monotype BriefHellboy (IMDb)Jan Tschichold


In the hour that’s passed since I wrote this, here – have some nice typeface now that I’ve put it through photoshop. Of course I still have to illustrate it all but, you know, in due time.

"Red Roman Lowercase," by Liam Morgan.
“Red Roman Lowercase,” by Liam Morgan.

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