Foundation Degree Week 19 – Enter Content Here


I’m still struggling with the whole weekly content thing on here. Before the Christmas holidays I had a small calendar taped to the side of my college computer (in fact, I’ve still got it) with all the content I’d post on a weekly basis, based on what I’d be doing or what I’ve done. It’s slowed down a bit now because between focusing on sorting out my portfolio and writing another essay I’ve had little to do in the way of work (minus the D&AD brief which I’ve posted a small collection of last week). I’m looking into making my own font – does anyone care? Probably not.

Anyway, seeing as I’m academically obligated (although not really) to provide the blog with some form of content each week – be it constructive or showy – I’ll leave anyone here with a type fetish the recommendation to watch Helvetica (2007), a designers pornography about a font. Anyone who’s seen it (who can look past the sexualisation of letters) understands its importance in the design world. Also, drink Coke.

-L.A. (Liam Morgan)

Parc Menai Foundation Degree Art and DesignD&AD Monotype BriefAbout Helvetica


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