Foundation Degree Week 18 – KERN vs. KURN

Two posts in one day? It either means I’m bored or really scraping the bottom of the barrel as far as work ideas go. Guess I’ll be making another blogpost choc-full of interesting content ‘n shit.

So building on the previous post today I’ve got another poster to show before I go into detail about all the crappy processes that go into making this sorta shit.

So this fourth poster I whipped up this morning as a response to Jan Tschichold’s work – something I’m supposed to be writing an essay on right now. I’ve got a book here on my desk and I happened on a page that had some movie posters he made in the late 1920s or something (now would be a good time to mention that I always edit in dates/references to the images AFTER I’ve done my preliminary ramblings). One of these incredibly fortuitous and awesome moments that push you along. Book goes on about his principles in design about sans-serif fonts and symmetrical text – shit I can get behind, really. I haven’t actually made a response to an artist’s work since the start of year with the Broomberg & Chanarin exhibition so it was kinda cool to find an artist whose work is nice to look at. Guess I’ll have to add the essay on here eventually for people to plagiarise and use as their own.

I know what you’re like, Internet.

As for the posters I’ve been asked to include the word “Kerning” onto the blog – “K-E-R-N” not K-U-R-N, as I originally thought – because I inadvertently partook in the act when making one of the previous type pieces – the War of the Worlds posters, again.

"War of the Worlds," by Liam Morgan.
“War of the Worlds,” by Liam Morgan.

Generated in photoshop with the Agency FB font. I won’t go into the crappy colouring methods but rather the fact I had to alter the “R” into a more pleasing one, seeing as the original didn’t look right to me (should also mention that I stretched the text to 140% it’s original size) – the college PCs didn’t have the original font I wanted to use (B-Style) so I wanted to match it slightly.

Original Agency FB 'R'
Original Agency FB ‘R’

I don’t think I’m obligated to explain anything else regarding work/context until I’ve got something else to show, so I’ll leave you with Kern Type, the kerning game. Follow the link at the bottom of the post, as always.

-L.A. (Liam Morgan)

Parc Menai Foundation Degree Art and DesignD&AD Monotype BriefJan TschicholdKern Type


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