Foundation Degree Week Ten – Pontio

A fortnight or so ago (lets just say week ten of my foundation degree course, the week of the 14th) one of our tutors managed to get hold of a metric fucktonne of printed programmes from the Welsh moneysink that is Pontio. There’s been a huge controversy about it recently because of the fact that they’ve wasted our money, gone over-budget and way past the supposed deadline.

Oh, and they were planning to burn all the books they made. I think there was roughly around fifteen boxes filled with the programmes. I’ve the sort of mindset that finds all of this hilarious.

Instead of burning them, however, the boxes were kindly donated to the Foundation Degree Art & Design course and we’ve had the fin time of recycling them into other stuff. My first instinct was to encase one in plastic.

Encased in acrylic.
Encased in acrylic.
Sawed, folded.
Sawed, folded.






Maybe not the most interesting way to use them, but I’ve still got the rest of most of a fucktonne to play about with. As always, relevant context beneath my name.

-L.A. (Liam Morgan)

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