Foundation Degree Week Five – Spacial Essence of Jan

I’m horrible at keeping track of time. On more than one occasion I’ve compared my time-keeping skills to that of Goku from Dragonball/DBZ – I can go weeks, months and years without speaking to people and when I eventually speak to them it feels like I only did yesterday, even if it isn’t like that to them. Either way, weeks have flown by and I’ve been reminded that the blogs still exist, so now I have to backtrack and talk about shit that happened weeks ago – not really a problem for me, it’s just getting my head around the dates that annoy me.

So now I’ve got a handy little calendar behind my computer in college to keep track of which shit I want to talk about each week for my blog – truth be told I’m mostly just documenting work I’ve done, something that isn’t too bad.

Week five for the Foundation Degree course was the week of October the 20th, but the work I’m showing has been produced before and since then but… well, let’s face it, I slacked with the time-keeping.

Jan, by Liam Morgan
Jan, by Liam Morgan

The first piece. We were in the life room for this for Visual Research. The one-day brief was pretty open-ended to be honest, but I always find myself tempted to just try my hand at life drawing when we’ve got Jan modelling for us. It’s not because I don’t enjoy trying other stuff, but it’s because I like to make the most of her being around to do these calculated, measured drawings. It’s a good opportunity and I quite enjoy just sticking the headphones in and blasting black metal while I subconsciously produce these things.

Jan drawn in multiple poses over a period of time.
Jan drawn in multiple poses over a period of time.
... and then the final product altered in photoshop.
… and then the final product altered in photoshop.


The next piece was a little bit different. Jan would walk up and down the room, stopping every so often while we drew her in motion.  The rolls of paper we drew on spanned the entire room, and afterward we had to complete the images using mixed medium. I’ve used the orange ink during the Foundation year to draw Jan and I think it’s a beautiful way to colour her. After finishing the piece I stuck it in photoshop and decided to try filling the white space by using the content-aware option. Kinda thought the result was interesting enough to put up here, too.

WP_20141110_12_30_23_Pro WP_20141119_13_11_18_Pro

The last two are the most recent I’ve done. Truth be said, I don’t have much I want to say about these. Both weren’t measured, nor done to specific sight-size – I went by feeling alone. The right piece was done with the intention of putting Jan into a space with depth.

That’s it, that’s all I want to say.

-L.A. (Liam Morgan)

Parc Menai Foundation Degree Art and Design


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