Foundation Degree Week Two – The Only

Keeping this brief, as usual. Haven’t had the proper opportunity over the weekend to photograph the last piece of my work and put it up here. Pain in the ass, yes, I know, but c’est la vie. The last piece I’ve got to show I ruefully refer to as ‘The Only.’ Here:


'The Only,' by Liam Morgan
‘The Only,’ by Liam Morgan

This piece was part of my response to the Mostyn brief. Seeing as last time I was there I took part in a workshop where we learned to use acetone to make prints I made a firm decision that I’d like to bring that into my new work… Or, you know, to the best of my ability. It’s very rarely I work with something that isn’t on a PC screen so it’s pretty interesting and fun to go down another path, especially one that makes me lightheaded and drowsy from chemical fumes. Good fun, I recommend it to everyone. (And this is the point where I acknowledge that perhaps sarcasm doesn’t translate very well over the Internet.)

I am being honest though, experimenting with the new media was fun. I’d planned to go around this work in a plethora of ways – hell, I’d even started cutting out large letters as stencils before I had the sudden epiphany to just edit everything I need in photoshop and then print it out. Truth be told that was probably a mistake, but if sitting down in the evenings to watch Family Guy has taught me one thing it’s that you stand by your turd… And I plan to do exactly that. The words in this piece were meant to read “The Only Difference Between Martyrdom and Suicide is Press Coverage,” which some people might recognise as the title to a Panic! At The Disco song. As ‘The only’ were the only two words that printed out clearly enough I’ve decided to just call it that.

The Only in particular is a response to The Day Nobody Died (Broomberg & Chanarin), the underlying themes of censorship and how the news can be subject to manipulation before reaching our ears being an interesting concept to build on. I felt that the P!ATD summed this up pretty well, and it actually took me a few days to find a decent quote to put out in typography before I remembered this little gem. The simplest way of explaining this is that the very act of talking  about something in the news can re-define it, and this line of thought extends as far back as the Boston (I think) bombings for me. I remember seeing a post on Facebook by a band I like, Disturbed, and their outrage that the  prestigious Rolling Stone magazine had went as far as to make an article on the events, and give them the front page, glorifying the events and granting the bomber recognition. At least it got sales, right?


Mostyn WebsiteBroomberg & Chanarin –  Parc Menai Foundation Degree Art and Design



For those seeking context, below is a picture of the Rolling Stone cover and this is a link to the Disturbed post on Facebook.

Rolling Stone cover, 1 August 2013


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