Foundation Degree Week Two – Respawn for the Children

Welcome to my new page, everyone; nothing like making a fresh blog to make you hate the many wonders of the Internet.

It’s week two, and I’m working on pieces for the brief from last week. You know the exhibition we went to in Llandudno? Broomberg & Chanarin? No? Check my archive, it’s not hard to find. The brief itself was to produce work in response to what we saw. Gonna warn you guys, there’s some graphic images involved so if you want to click out this is your chance. I’ll even give you a link to something cheerful.

'Respawn,' by Liam Morgan. (images sourced by unknown source. Search engines are our friends.)
‘Respawn,’ by Liam Morgan. (Images from unknown source. Search engines are our friends, m’kay.)

So this is the first piece I’ve got to show. Usually I try my best to make illustrated pieces – graphical and pen – but I wanted to go down a different road with this brief… So I used photoshop instead to mash up these carefully-selected images. Trying to keep in theme with B&Cs sobering work I used real images taken from the battlefield. More than anything I wanted to draw attention to the romantic view on war video-games have painted for us; don’t get me wrong, though, I’m not hating on games (if I did I’d be fucking myself over, especially with my YouTube channel and all), I’m just pointing out that the tale of the badass, the constant action in games doesn’t reflect to the reality and consequences of real, actual war. Afterlife (B&C) inspired the piece.

'Toy Soldiers,' by Liam Morgan
‘Toy Soldiers,’ by Liam Morgan. (Images from unknown source. Search engines are our friends.)

Second piece is also rather straightforward, but I wanted to do things the Divine Violence way by juxtaposing my stock image (in their case the Bible, in my case the kid playing with the toy soldiers) with another real and harrowing fact which is the child soldiers in the background. The romanticism of war is still a present theme here; the kid playing with the plastic men while across the world other children are actually part of the fighting.

I’m not going to treat my audience like idiots; I assume you lot can draw up your own conclusions and thoughts based on the images, I won’t hold your hand through your processes, so this is where I thank the anonymous people on the internet for unknowingly providing me with the images I found. Please note this is for non-profit, academic reasons.

Keep on truckin’.

-L.A. (Liam Morgan)

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